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What is this?

HexGL is a futuristic, fast-paced racing game built by Thibaut Despoulain using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL and a tribute to the original Wipeout and F-Zero series.


HexGL was built with love using three.js, a 3D library built on top of WebGL and maintained by Mr.doob and AlteredQualia.
I'd also like to thank Nobiax for the great metalic road texture, Charnel for the HexMKI base mesh, and all the beta-testers.

Did you know?

I'm a French WebGL aficionado now working for Artillery.


HexGL's source code is now on GitHub!

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Hall Of Fame

The ladder is now closed, congratulations to the top 10 players in each category!

Cityscape (casual)

1. Worf2'49''1822. Bravo.2'49''1993. Gianno2'49''2004. Waldek2'50''7715. HqSeO2'54''0076. player2'54''3357. syrme2'55''1448. James2'55''2589. Rian2'55''36110. KBombs2'55''385

Cityscape (hard)

1. Jappe2'15''5502. HqSeO2'17''2903. Arisak2'17''3954. syrme2'17''6425. dknn2'19''0316. Unkn2'20''4757. Waldek2'22''0918. August2'22''5129. Lars2'23''09710. Wizart2'23''149

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Q & A

The game feels slow or laggy, what should I do?

There are three quality presets you can use: Mobile, Mainstream and Ultra. If your current preset feels laggy, try a lesser one.
If you're already using the Mobile preset, I'm sorry to inform you that your graphic card is not powerful enough to run the game (running an intel integrated GPU I guess?).
Also, this game has been developed and tested in Chrome and Firefox in their latest versions. If you are using another browser, I can't promise anything!

Why doesn't my <insert random key> key work?

Some keyboards are known to handle simultaneous key presses badly (I'm looking at you Logitech!). This means that it's possible that your keyboard doesn't support the UP+LEFT+Q combo for example. As this is a hardware issue, I can't do much about it, so I simply added control key variants.

The game said I made it to the Hall Of Fame, so why don't I see myself up there?

HexGL and its website are running on a low-spec'd shared server (I'm only a student remember?), so in order to save resources, the ladder is updated only once per page load. This means that all you have to do is hit F5 ;)

Why isn't there any sound?

Sound support (both background and SFX) has never been on top on my todo list during the development phase because the only browser to fully support the webAudio standard was Chrome. But things are evolving quickly, and Firefox will soon support this standard too, so expect some sound effects and music soon.

When will the source code be available?

HexGL's source code is now on GitHub!. The code is licensed under the MIT License, unless specified otherwise.

Why are you saying that the game is built with HTML5? It's WebGL!

Actually, WebGL is part of the modern HTML5 standards. I'm using the HTML5 acronym in its general meaning to describe the whole pack of technology involved. It's also more meaningful for neophytes.
If you want to learn more about the technology, I suggest you take a look at HTML5Rocks.

This shouldn't be like this, but more like that. Why isn't there a..?

Hold it. This is only a beta project, held by a single CS student so it's obviously far from being perfect. That said, I'm always looking for good suggestions and critics, so why don't you send me a note with your thoughts and ideas ?

I want to help. How can I?

As with previous answer, if you want to help on this project, simply send me a note and we'll talk about it!
Furthermore, a simple way to help this project is to talk, tweet, and discuss about it :)

There's a huge spelling mistake!

This is not a question but I'll answer it anyway: I'm French! While this may sound like a bad excuse, it's legit. I'm doing my best to write understandable english, but I sometimes fail to notice an error. So again, if you happen to find a grammar or spelling mistake, just drop me a note and I'll correct it ASAP!

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